The answer for creating offers you want to tell everyone about


Women who want to build offers they can't shut up about

Women who want to love the content they put out into the world

When you’re new in business you learn there are so many moving parts that put you in a mind drama spin out that can stop you dead in your tracks.

You don’t know what to start with, or focus on first.

You see all of the strategies out there and have no clue which one is right for you.

You’re signing up to all of the freebies, joining all of the Facebook groups hoping to find the answers that most often never come.

Let Me Tell You What The Answer Is

Focusing on only the things you need to

be doing at this point in your business.

When you take away all of the things that don’t really matter and lean into the simple and most basic structures to build a strong foundation, that’s the sweet spot.

We’re going to connect with how you help people, how you’re meant to do content creation and reaching the people who are looking for what you have to offer and couple it with simple, consistent actions and practices you feel completely sufficient in carrying out.

We’re going to build an offer you never want to shut up about, with pricing that makes people go ga-ga for and content that conveys the value of your offer so well, you’re people can’t wait to buy or work with you.

The outcome when you have offers and content you’re confident it is you showing up, on fire, becoming the CEO you’re meant to be and building a life and business that blows your mind!

Maybe you're concerned about being to salesy or feeling some kind of way about charging for services people really need.

One of the best things I’ve learned is this-

A business offers a service

A business makes money

You never have to worry about “I just want to be of service to people”, because that’s the nature of a business and you never have to worry about being in it for the money, because again, that’s the nature of a business!

Imagine having an offer that you’re not wondering:

is the right offer

if the pricing is right

how to get the people the results

It’s a whole other ball game when you feel so excited about your offer that you never want to shup up about because you’re in full bodied confidence over.

I’m gonna help you create that!



  • Have decided what you want and started taking steps towards it.

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed.

  • Feel supported in your journey to create the life/biz you want.

  • Have started creating a life that feels authentic and true to you.

  • Define your goals and priorities and identify the steps you need to take to achieve them.

  • Have the courage to go after whatever the hell you want

  • Understand how results are created

  • Have tools to stop allowing other peoples thoughts and opinions to rule your emotions and actions

  • Know how to make great decisions for yourself

  • Know the results you're confident you can deliver on

  • Have pricing that feel like a full bodied yes people can't say no to

  • Have an offer you can't shut up talking about

  • Have a marketing strategy and content you love sharing with the world

Hi. I'm Aja

Introvert, non conformist, rule breaker, unconventional thinker, 3/5 manifesting generator, lover of simplicity, boba tea, coffee and flip flops, and a...

Multi-Passionate Creative Entrepreneur + Self Development Coach For Out-Of-The Box Coaches & Creatives

I Support New And Non-Linear Coaches and Creatives In Two Ways-

▲Those who want to build offers they’re confident to sell

▲Those who want to love the content they put out into the world

For years, I was plagued with fighting with myself over how I really wanted to live and do business and it really put a wrench in my business growth.

I was in a constant battle with the voices of coaches and mentors I loved and looked up to, in my head whispering ideologies that I understood the logic of, but my desires where always calling me to do something different.

I had to cultivate belief that how I wanted to show up and do business may be wrong for them, but completely right for me!

Through the Dream Catchers Podcast and my offers, I help you get back to living and businessing from you core identity and self concept so you can cultivate a life beyond your wildest dreams!





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